Floorplan for Plot 8, Ashmoor Gardens, Houghton

Property Details

We are delighted to offer building plots for sale on the most exciting and prestigous development site in Pembrokeshire for years. In this modern age of mass produced construction it is refreshing to find a site offering plots that are more than a timber framed house. Plots which offer garden space, garage space and wonderful homes in a beautiful surrounding. There are no planning obligations to pay, no affordable or social housing requirements. We didn’t believe it either, we checked, twice! This really is an incredible opportunity to purchase one of 15 spacious Building Plots on a site totalling 5.4 acres.

We’re not just selling a plot here, you're buying a lifestyle that just cannot be found easily in this day and age. Welcome to Ashmoor gardens, the beginning of your dreams...

The site

There are three distinct types of plots available referred to as types A, B & C. Even the ‘small’ plot is not small at all and the larger plots are just that - large.

Planning permissions are granted on the basis of the drawings available for inspection and the designs provided here are interpretations based on those actual drawings.

The vendor has provided the estate road to sub-base level which will be hugely beneficial for the building of each plot. Services have been connected to the estate including mains electricity, water and drainage. Once the plots are built the road will be finished to adoption standards when it is expected that the Local Authority will take over responsibility so no ongoing service charges or management fees will apply.

General information


The Plots are to be sold subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. The Plots have the benefit of a Planning Permission by virtue of the Approval of Reserved Matters dated 28 October 2011 (copy attached).

The County Council has confirmed that a site start has been made, and consequently the Planning Permission is now preserved.

The Planning Permission refers to 3 specific detached house type designs which we understand can be constructed without any further detailed consent or S.106 commuted sum payments. Purchasers should verify this in writing to the Planning Authority (01437 764551). These are:

TYPE A : 224.71 sq.m (2,418 sq.ft) 4 Bedrooms.

TYPE B : 280.18 sq.m (3,015 sq.ft) 4 Bedrooms

TYPE C : 121.76 sq.m (1,310 sq.ft) 3 Bedrooms

Drawings of these house types may be obtained from R K Lucas & Son.

2. The Plots are indicated for identification purposes only.

3. The Purchaser will covenant in the Conveyance to comply is all respects with enclosed Design Brief prepared by F B Fisher Associates.

4. The Plots will be sold freehold with vacant possession.

5. The Purchaser will covenant to complete a detached private dwelling ready for occupation within 2 years of the date of completion of the sale.

6. Each party will bear its own legal costs.

7. Mains water, electricity, foul and surface water sewers and a BT service cable will all be provided in the new Estate Road at the Vendors cost.

8. The Estate Road will be made up to an adoptable standard by the Vendors, to include street lighting and highway drainage. No bond will be payable. There will not be a footway. Initially, the Vendors will cut out the road layout, put in the services, and then stone and roll a basic surface to enable construction of the dwellings to take place. The kerbs and basecourse will be provided at a later date as development proceeds, but the wearing course of the road will not be provided by the Vendors until all the plots are developed.

9. Adoption of the Estate road, the sewers, street lighting and highway drainage will be applied for by the Vendors.

10. If not adopted, the repair, maintenance and renewal thereof will be taken over as a joint responsibility of the plot frontagers via a Residents Association.

11. The Residents Association will similarly be responsible for any common areas of the site.

12. It is envisaged that a 1.8 metre margin on either side of the Estate road (not included in the sale) will be made available by the County Council (following adoption) to the frontagers on licence, in order that the frontagers can maintain/plant these margins. Prospective purchasers must verify this with the County Council.

13. The Purchaser will be responsible for compliance with the Design Brief and planning permission in respect thereof, and will be responsible in perpetuity for the boundaries marked A-B and B-C on the Contract Plan.

The plots

All properties are designed as executive style, desirable and high quality detached units.

Type A are 4 bedroom properties of approximately 225 sq.m

Type B are 4 bedroom properties of approximately 280 sq.m

Type C are 3 bedroom properties of approximately 120 sq.m

Parking is plentiful with both off-road and garage options anticipated. A garage is already built for plot 10 which contains a bat roost in the roof section to satisfy the ecological requirements of the site.


Plot 1 £120,000
Plots 2 & 3 £100,000
Plot 4 £120,000 (Sold)
Plot 5 £130,000
(This plot)
Plots 6 £130,000
Plot 7 £120,000 (Sold)
Plot 8 £130,000
(sold stc)
Plot 9 £120,000
(sold stc)
Plot 10 £140,000 (Sold)
Plot 11 £120,000
(sold stc)
Plot 12 £100,000 (Sold)
Plot 13 £120,000 (Sold)
Plots 14 & 15 £100,000