Sir John Perrot Trust

Sir John Perrot Trust

With the rise of the Tudor gentry there developed a concern for the less fortunate in Haverfordwest society and, from the 16th Century onwards land owners and prosperous tradesmen gave or bequeathed money or property for the spiritual, intellectual and material needs of the poorer inhabitants. The bequests were normally handed in trust to the Mayor and Corporation or to overseers of the poor, to be applied to charitable uses in accordance with the wishes of the benefactor.

The town of Haverfordwest was uncommonly well endowed in this respect. The earliest and most bountiful Trust was established in 1580 by Sir John Perrot.

John Perrot was born in 1527, probably at Haroldston House in the Parish of Haroldston St Issells, the son of Mary Berkeley, wife of Sir Thomas Perrot. During the reign of Elizabeth I he rose to high office (indeed it was at her Coronation that Sir John Perrot was one of four courtiers bearing the Queen’s Canopy).

In a deed dated the 20th of September 1580 (which was rediscovered in the offices of R K Lucas & Son in the early 1960’s and presented to the Borough Council) Sir John Perrot left land and property in trust for the improvement of the Town of Haverfordwest.

Over many years the Trust has contributed significant sums to improve and repair the fabric of the Town. Many such responsibilities are now undertaken by the Local Authority and as a result the Trustees – with the approval of the Charity Commission – maintain their own historic portfolio of properties, and contribute towards projects of architectural significance.

The present investment portfolio includes some 23 properties plus capital investments.

These properties become vacant from time to time upon which the Clerks are charged with inviting applications from local persons to become the new tenants. As the properties are owned by the Sir John Perrot Trust for the benefit of the Town and its people they are let out on a below market value basis with the result that applications for the properties are many upon availability. Details of properties becoming available and how to apply will be published on our blog at the relevant times.

The Clerks to the Trust are:
R K Lucas & Son
The Tithe Exchange
9 Victoria Place
SA61 2JX