When purchasing a property you are likely making one of the largest investments of your life and therefore it would be prudent to ensure that the investment you are making is sound. In order to do so, we recommend that you have a professional survey undertaken. We offer two types of survey:-

Homebuyers Report and the Building Survey

Homebuyers Report

The Homebuyers Report is a condition assessment of the overall property and includes a valuation. All of the major elements are inspected, and your attention is drawn to any defects which may require further investigation or repair. At the end of the report our opinion on the value of the property is confirmed, together with an insurance reinstatement cost.

Building Survey

The Building Survey is a level 3 survey and was formerly known as a Structural Survey. This looks at the same elements as a Homebuyers Report but goes into greater detail, advising you fully on the construction type and associated known defects as well as advising you as to the cause and remedies available for the defects that are discovered. This survey is most suited to properties of unusual construction, listed or historic buildings or properties where are you intending to make significant structural alterations. This report does not include a valuation integral to it, however, we can add this on if required.

Give us a call to discuss your survey requirements and we can explain the differences in greater detail and which one may be suitable for your intended purchase.