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R K Lucas & Son offer a a range of professional services to assist you in every aspect of the property market, from sales to surveys, Auctions to Appeals, we have a vast knowledge backed by a wealth of experience to provide you with the services you demand and deserve.

Such services include:

  • Residential, Commercial Sales and Valuations
  • Residential Energy Performance Certificates
  • R.I.C.S Home Surveys
  • Matrimonial Valuations
  • Insurance Valuations
  • Mortgage Valuations
  • Pre-purchase Valuations
  • Capital Gains / Inheritance Tax / Retrospective Valuations
  • Acquisitions, sales and lettings of commercial property
  • Compulsory Purchase and Compensation
  • Agricultural Land Valuations
  • Auctions
  • Fair Rent Assessments

Introductions available to Specialist Financial Sources who can provide the latest Guidance and figures on current Mortgages and Insurances.

Schedules of dilapidations/condition

When you enter into a Lease of a commercial premises it will often be under terms that require you to repair and insure the property. Few tenants are advised appropriately or are aware that they can limit their liability through having a properly prepared Schedule of condition to record the ingoing condition of the property. You are not required to repair or reinstate the property beyond the condition it was originally let in. If you are considering entering into a new Lease, we can discuss your liabilities and how these can be limited through our Schedules and Dilapidations services where we are able to assist in producing photographic and recorded evidence as to the exact condition of the property at the time of commencement of the Lease.

We also advise Landlords on dilapidations and responsibilities of the tenants. If your leased property is due a review or inspection, contact us and we can advise you as to how we are able to assist in dilapidation preparations including Scott Schedules and entering into negotiations to reduce contentious issues and foster quick and agreeable resolution at the end of tenancy.